We Are War

War - We Are War ©1999 Necropolis
1. War
2. We Are War
3. Soldiers Of Satan
4. Rapture
5. Ave Satan
6. Kill God
7. 666
8. Infernal
9. Hell
10. Execution
11. Bombenhagel

War was another in the string of It's numerous side projects, but since It left the black metal scene the band has continued stronger than ever. This time around the lineup is All (Vondur, Opthalamia) on vocals, Blackmoon (ex-Dark Funeral) on guitar, Impious (In Aeturnum) on bass and Lars Szoke (Hypocrisy) on drums, topped off with production courtesy of Peter Tagtgren and The Abyss. While most side project bands contain only one major player, one can see that War is the definition of "supergroup."

We Are War serves up eleven tracks in twenty-six minutes. The music is old-school black metal hatred, which while not complicated is expertly played. The songs are fast and short, most not reaching the three minute mark. Imagine Venom combined with ancient Bathory, multiply the speed by 100, add in state of the art production, and you will have a good idea of what to expect. There are no weak links, but my personal favorite songs are "Ave Satan", "666" and the excellent cover of Sodom's "Bombenhagel".

Incidentally, this project has been on ice since '97, as there is some type of legal struggle going on between Blackmoon and Necropolis Records. Without going in to specifics, Blackmoon alleges that this album is of "bootleg" quality and urges everyone not to buy it, while Necropolis claims they paid for the recording and own the rights to release it. There are a couple of instances on the album where songs cut off or faded out early, sometimes in the middle of verses; however, that is the only indication I had that this album wasn't completely finished. I highly recommend We Are War to all new and old style black metal fans.

Review by Scott Wilcox

Review date: 07/1999

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We Are...Total War

War - We Are...Total War ©2001 Necropolis
1. Satan
2. I Am Elite
3. Total War
4. The Sons Of War
5. Revenge
6. Reapers Of Satan
7. Satan's Millennium
8. War
9. Rapture
10. Ave Satan
11. Soldiers Of Satan
12. 666
13. We Are War
14. Bombenhagel

This album is a compilation of War's thankfully out-of-print 1996 and 1997 albums, one of which was co-produced by Peter Tätgren. It is brutal, primitive black metal with above-average production, echoing vocals, trebly guitars, not-quite-steady tempos, and really, really brainless lyrics about Satan, allegiance to Satan, Satan worship, being part of Satan's lineage, and the same theme(s) recycled with "war" instead of "Satan". The only difference between the two albums is that somebody figured out how to hook up their reverb box to other tracks than the vocal channel. The CD's fourteen tracks mercifully occupy less than thirty-five minutes.

A few slower moments evoke Bathory's worst early albums. The rest is furious high-speed black metal that doesn't let the listener breathe even for one half second. Yet, surprisingly, the music is a lot more endearing than I expected it to be. As the vocalist's rasp obfuscates what he is rasping about, the lyrics do not get in the way too much, and this compilation makes for a fun half hour of unbridled one-dimensional brutality.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 06/2001

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