Best Of Warlord

Warlord - Best Of Warlord ©1989 Metal Blade
1. Deliver Us From Evil
2. Winter Tears
3. Child Of The Damned
4. Penny For A Poor Man
5. Black Mass
6. Lucifer's Hammer
7. Mrs. Victoria
8. Aliens
9. Lost And Lonely Days
10. Beginning/Lucifer's Hammer
11. Soliloquy
13. Child Of The Damned

Warlord was a lesser known 80's metal band that defied the specific genres that dominated the scene at the time. Containing hints at some of the current sounds from classic metal sound to thrash/speed metal (but thankfully avoiding glam), Warlord's music was just hard enough to peg to make them virtually impossible to market. Today their biggest claim to fame may be the fact that drummer Mark Zonder ended up in Fates Warning. The vocals were very melodic but refraining from either unbearably high shrieks or thrash growls. Songs such as "Deliver Us from Evil" or "Child of the Damned" were quite catchy and capable of winding their way around your memory cortex. While Warlord is hardly a definitive band of the 80's, their music is enjoyable enough that those who are into music of the era will find plenty to enjoy here.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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