13 Unlucky Numbers

Wax - 13 Unlucky Numbers ©1994 Side One/Cargo
1. Who Is Next
2. In Spite Of Me
3. Torn In Two
4. Stop Sign
5. California
6. Just A Visitor
7. Jiffy Boy
8. Settle Down
9. Too Well
10. Knot
11. Thirteen
12. Unlucky
13. Numbers

As it turns out, 13 Unlucky Numbers was quite prophetic for Wax. Up to the time of this album's release, Wax had enjoyed growing popularity with the help of a fairly enjoyable debut (What Else Can We Do) and opening slots on Pennywise and Offspring tours. By rights, Wax should have had a decent chance to capapult into the big leagues with their second release. Unfortunately, 13 Unlucky Numbers turned out to be short in nearly all regards, not just running time. Containing precisely one great tune ("Who is Next"), this exercise in tiresome melodic punk does very little to establish Wax as anything more than just another group harboring wishes for the bigtime but lacking the ability to push themselves over. More than anything, the lack of powerful songs is the reason this album fails. It just sounds as though the band was running through the motions in order to get back onto the road, but chances are people failed to turn out at shows after hearing this album. Apparently the band split up not long after the release of this album and it may have been just as well they threw in the towel.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2001

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