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Brotherhood Of Electric: Operational Directive(s)

Wellwater Conspiracy - Brotherhood Of Electric: Operational Directive(s) ©1999 Time Bomb
1. Destination 24
2. Compellor
3. Teen Lampchop
4. Hal McBlaine
5. Born With A Tail
6. Destination 7
7. Red Light Green Light
8. B.O.U.
9. Psycho Scrimm
10. Van Vanishing
11. Right Of Left Field
12. Ladder To The Moon
13. Dark Passage
14. Good Pushin'
15. Dr. Browne Dr. Greene
16. Jefferson Experiment

You simply aren't going to get through a review of Wellwater Conspiracy without at least a nod to the lineage of the two members. John McBain spent some time in Monster Magnet and jammed a little with Soundgardener Ben Shepard. The other half of this duo is Matt Cameron, who of course also came from Soundgarden. Based on a loose concept of home recording and experimentalism, McBain and Cameron have succeeded in creating one of the better albums I've heard in a long time that truly does become alternative rock in the purest sense of the word "alternative". Whereas much of what is being marketed as "alternative" is basically whiny men halfheartedly strumming their guitars in thrift store reject clothing, Wellwater actually remembers the "rock" part of alternative rock, as well as providing something a little different than the rest of the mainstream. Songs like "Compellor" or "Red Light Green Light" actually have emphasis on rock. W.C. also uses a very warm, open and expansive production to create a very organic and honest sounding record. The distortion is appropriate - just a bit of dirtiness but retaining clarity. Electronics zip in and out or take the forefront for some tracks ("Destination 7" or "Dr. Browne Dr. Greene"). There is a touch of the Soundgarden feel here, but the honest and commonman vocals of the duo tether the project to a more earthy feel. Wellwater Conspiracy is truly one of the better new projects to come out in some time.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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