Picture of Whippersnapper


Whippersnapper - Whippersnapper ©2000 Second Heaven
1. NSA
2. Resolution
3. Wrong Or Right
4. Snap
5. Tell Me I'm Wrong
6. Down
7. Something On My Mind
8. The System
9. Holiday Road

Just what the world needs: another poppy punky melodic band in the vein of Ten Foot Pole. I would almost swear there is a farm somewhere in sunny southern California that produces these bands in bushels because it seems any band that comes out these days has to fall into this category. Whippersnapper unfortunately offers very little beyond their peers' established work and this self titled remastered and re-released debut effort is proof in the pudding. Rhymically they are akin to the aforementioned Ten Foot Pole, but the guitars lack the skew and strong sense of riff patterns of that band. The vocals are lacking in strength and conviction and the songs all bleed together into a quagmire of blandly energetic but ultimately directionless and pointless songs. Bands of this ilk probably should take a long hard look at themselves and ask why they are content to follow in the footsteps of already established bands. Melodic poppunk is an already oversaturated genre with very little innovation or variety and unfortunately Whippersnapper is yet another drop in that vast ocean, bound to be completely overlooked for sheer homogenization into the conformity of the style.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2000

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