Into Darkness

Winter - Into Darkness ©1990 Nuclear Blast
1. Oppression Freedom
2. Oppression (reprise)
3. Servant Of The Warsmen
4. Goden
5. Power And Might
6. Destiny
7. Eternal Frost
8. Into Darkness

Revered as one of the penultimate doom classics, Winter's Into Darkness is quite simply one of the ugliest, abrasive and downright morbid discs I've ever heard come creeping out of the tar pit of doom metal. Winter takes on the worst nightmares that Celtic Frost rejected and gives them a dose of sickness and utterly oppressive heaviness. Needless to say, Winter is not an easy or pleasant listen and quite frankly, it is not supposed to be. For the most part, songs move along like rush hour on the most congested freeway in America. Guitars are tuned down extremely low and grind away at your fillings in your teeth. Strangely, the drums have a very clear and crisp sound to them, which actually adds very nicely to the mix. And occasionally the band includes truly creepy bridges in the songs, such as the numbing midsection of "Destiny" The whole point of Winter's music is to create something so intentionally bombastic and ugly that it hurts to hear and they succeed greatly in this task. Fans of To Mega Therion and of the darkest moments of any Sabbath derived doom band will want to check this out, as well as anyone who absolutely has a burning fetish for music that is truly extreme. You aren't going to find many other discs that pull off this sort of thing so well.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2000

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