Witch Hunt

Souls Enshrouded Fire

Witch Hunt - Souls Enshrouded Fire ©2000 X-Rated Records
1. Ablaze Thy Majestic Kingdom
2. Under Black Celestial Skies
3. Enshrouded
4. Winds Of The Darkest Dawn
5. Forever Burning
6. As Life Fades Away
7. And The Sun Fell Forever
8. Into Definite Astral Darkness
9. Firestorms Of Armageddon

Witch Hunt is a hybrid black-death metal band from the eastern United States. According to their bio they've been around in various incarnations for quite some time with this release for X-Rated Records being their first full length. The album is yet another one of those releases that languishes away in the land of being far too common. Nothing on Souls Enshrouded Fire will evoke a strong reaction either towards the negative or the positive, which thus becomes the greatest downfall of the band. What the duo of Erik Sayenga and Seth Newton seem to accomplish is a reliance on overcompensation, throwing far too much into the songs and never allowing them to really breathe, with the exception of the nice instrumental opening bit on "Enshrouded" (which does happen to create a very Dimmu Borgir Stormblast type of sound) and a couple bits and pieces elsewhere. With such busy arrangements but far too few exceptionally commanding songs, most of Souls Enshrouded Fire becomes a peaceful little campfire. This is the kind of album you might put on but you'll be darned if you actually pay close attention to the whole thing. Perhaps fans of the style might be interested, but I think I'll wait till their next release to be excited.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2000

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