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Deep Inside

Without Face - Deep Inside ©2000 Dark Symphonies
1. Caledioscope
2. Sands Of Time
3. I And I
4. Hymn To The Night
5. Screaming Heartbeat
6. Deepression
7. The Picture

If there was more truth in a name in heavy metal, this Hungarian outfit would have been christianed Without Identity, rather than Without Face. However, there are probably too many syllables in Without Identity and how would an audience chant their name before a show? Regardless of being misnamed, Without Face is stuck within the plethora of goth/doom metal bands that feature multiple singers (including, of course, the serene female diva and the growly, grumpy male), keyboards and attempts at creating moody, lush pieces of work. In a nutshell, there's this band called Orphanage who has been doing something very similar for a bit longer. Moreover, Orphanage has been quite hit or miss in their music as well. So Without Face really isn't doing much to further their cause. They try to throw in moodier moments with piano and synth bits, much like Maudlin of the Well, but do not quite the ability to make it sound so fluid and honest. As a result, Deep Inside is much like cotton candy. There is a lot of volume and apparent size, but at the heart of the matter there is very little substance. I suppose the one redeeming factor is that this album won't rot your teeth out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2002

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