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Quietly, Undramatically

Woe - Quietly, Undramatically ©2010 Candlelight
1. No Solitude
2. The Road From Recovery
3. Quietly, Undramatically
4. A Treatise on Control
5. Without Logic
6. Full Circle
7. Hatred Is Our Heart

Now here's something unexpected in the field of blistering fast black metal: a relatively new band that pulls it off rather well! Woe is an east coast band that originally was the sole project of Chris Griggs (who apparently has connections to Krieg, but I won't hold that against him) but has since grown into a full band. Their style is very much based in high speed and intense black metal, complete with blast beat intensity and all sorts of rampaging riffs. But what surprised me is the fact this second album of theirs is very listenable and doesn't just spin its wheels like so many other black metal bands who have already traveled down this incredibly crowded highway.

One of the pitfalls of playing such high velocity music is that without some care in the studio, the sound becomes a blur of noise and clashing instruments. Quietly, Undramatically manages to have a relatively unpolished sound that still allows for actual clarity between the instruments nor does it become that annoying Marduk-styled wall of uninteresting sound. The album avoids sounding claustrophobic. The band members' ability to play fast with cohesion probably helps matters as well.

The other aspect of Quietly, Undramatically that helps it stand out is the fact the songwriting on this album is generally pretty good. The songs feel well structured and not just a series of riffs slammed together without consideration.

So if you're looking for a good high powered that retains a more classic raw atmosphere, Woe is worth checking out. This was a bit of a surprise to come across, but fortunately a very happy surprise.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2013

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