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Wolfcry - Nightbreed ©2003 Black Lotus Records
1. Metamorphosis
2. Vanguard
3. Screamin' Whispers
4. Endless Circle
5. The Dying Of Innocence
6. As Darkness...
7. Saint / Sinner
8. The Fable Of Agnor

They need to come up with a new name to replace "Power Metal", as many of the acts aren't quite living up to the "power" half of that term. Pitiful Metal may actually be much more accurate in most cases. Thus, by the powers vested in me by being a supreme journalistic hack, I declare Wolfcry to be the first band anointed Pitiful Metal. And no need to bow before them. They're hardly regal or praiseworthy in any regard.

Pitiful Metal requires the following: steadfast reliance on a small collection of classic metal influences, zero innovation, no vision and nothing worth hearing twice. Wolfcry falls completely into this territory. Nightbreed is an abysmally dull record featuring eight midpaced tunes that feature an effeminate sounding singer lacking power, but offer plenty of pitiful. The riffs all sound familiar and tired. Rather than embarrass other bands by saying who Wolfcry sounds similar to, we'll just avoid sonic comparisons. Pitiful Metal bands don't get that sort of honor.

In summation, Wolfcry is utterly derivative, dull, boring, tiresome, wimpy and pitiful. I think Neil Diamond could kick their asses with one leg amputated.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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