Wreck - Creation ©1995 Porcupine Concubine
1. Dose Of Abuse
2. Deva
3. Hand Over Fist
4. The Power Of Positive Drinking
5. Silent Weapon, Quiet War
6. Step Off
7. Aneurysm

Wreck is yet another one of those heavy moshcore bands that is neither great nor terrible. A bit more old school thrash than modern Biohazard-core, Wreck does very little in this short seven song album to convince anyone that they're going to be phenomenal in any regard. They are the type of band who might get opening slots for bigger and better heavy bands, and might even induce a few of the shirtless guys to starting slamming around. But their music is so ephemeral and interchangeable with other hardcore acts that having an identity of their own will probably never happen.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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