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Angelic Vengeance

Wykked Wytch - Angelic Vengeance ©2001 Demolition Records
1. Angelic Vengeance
2. To Die...before My Time
3. F**k Your Lord
4. Venomiss
5. Forgiveness Denied
6. Rising From The Abyss
7. Bastards Are Mine

Is this what the world truly needs? Wykked Wytch, a Florida based symphonic schlock-black metal band, offers us, the carefree, happy-go-lucky record buying public, a sound that is far too closely tied into Cradle of Filth's idiom, only done without the flair of that particular band. Wykked Wytch's only real claim for notice is that the band is led by a female vocalist who is capable of sounding more shrill and unbearable than Dani Filth. This is not necessarily an ability one should brag about or put onto a resume. In fact, her voice renders much of Angelic Vengeance, only the band's second release, into a nearly unlistenable experience. It'd be one thing if the backing music was anything more than standard, generic symphonic black metal that you've been hearing for at least five years now. However, Wykked Wytch is apparently incapable of doing anything more than nipping at the heels of their better known influences. It's not as though the music offers listeners anything more than the worst of Cradle of Filth or more appallingly, Hecate Enthroned. In fact, I don't think Hecate Enthroned at their most imitative would come up with material weak enough to rival this particular album. It's unfortunate that oversaturation of the genre continues to yield such truly unnecessary music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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