Everything Will Be Okay EP

Zero|Sum - Everything Will Be Okay ©2010 Self Released
1. i. No One Will Save You
2. ii. So Drink The Poison
3. iii. And Think Happy Thoughts

Zero|Sum is an unexpectedly good one man project from Michigan. Thanks to the wonders of home recording and the internet, this "Z" fellow (as he calls himself over on Facebook) has managed to come up with a rather intriguing project that is freely available for all to hear, assuming you get clued in on this little gem. Unlike many one man projects (in particular, I feel like calling out Fenriz on his terrible Isengard side band...despite the fact Isengard has absolutely nothing to do with Zero|Sum in any way, Isengard is a perfect example of why sometimes musicians need bandmates to inform them their stuff is self indulgent garbage), Zero|Sum is a well conceived and fairly well executed hybrid metal project. It manages to cross, blend, and blur influences and subgenres better than a smoothie maker trapped in a fruit factory. You can hear shoegazer elements, doom metal, post metal and black metal-esque styles all working well together. The three songs presented here are seamless and come across as a strongly conceived single piece. The arrangements keep everything moving right along.

The best part about this release is that Zero|Sum has made it freely available on Bandcamp, giving listeners a chance to hear something that's obviously worth far more than the price of admission. The production value occasionally seems like it could use some future tweaking, but on a whole I've found this EP to be very listenable and worth repeat listens. Go pay the lad a visit.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2011

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