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Welcome to Satan Stole My Teddybear, a large online archive for reviews on heavy metal, punk, industrial, electronic, ambient and other music floating both above and below the public radar. SSMT currently features over 3000 reviews of nearly 1500 artists. SSMT provides reviews of many current releases as well as an extensive look at many artists' back catalogues. You can also find links to official artist websites, fan pages and select discography. Moreover, you have the unprecedented opportunity to click on links to buy albums and merchandise from these artists! Holy cow! This site used to be one of the few on the web that covered this sort of music and then the webmaster got distracted with other things in life as well as being tired of getting promos from InsideOut Music. Now, enjoy visiting the best "Has-Been" website on the internet!

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03.08.14 - Skinny Puppy's Rabies (Review #2)

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03.24.13 - Monster Magnet's Dopes To Infinity